Machining with predictable results

Because we look beyond the initial working process of a component, we place a great deal of emphasis on a components full life cycle.

Design for manufacture

Working closely with the customer component design team, designs and geometry are modified to provide the most robust and repeatable casting and machining solutions.

Our machine shop design engineers examine long term operational reliability and compatibility with the design of fixtures for CNC machinery centres, which are critical to supporting customer demand which could be over many years.

Our fully resourced machining capabilities are ideally situated to complement both the design requirements and foundry processes to meet specific component functions. This is managed through our Advanced Product Quality Planning; a team based activity with representatives from key technical personnel. Maximising time and ensuring optimum machining cycles are essential parts of our process planning.

This is achieved by careful consideration of machine location and manning efficiency.


Fixture design

The design of machining fixtures is paramount to achieving capable dimensional control.


Tooling design

Dimensional repeatability and minimising cycle time are the key design drivers.



CAD data for component and fixture is imported directly into CAM software where toolpaths are generated and optimised using real time simulation.



Multiple loading of components to reduce cycle time and manufacturing cost.



All machining processes are supported by initial sample reports and data, demonstrating the capability of the product and the process dimension features.



From the initial feasibility of a component to the packaged product ready for final integration, we can add real value and quality to a client’s product.