We like to finish what we’ve started

We do more so our clients don’t have to.

From the initial feasibility of a component through to the packaged product ready for final integration, we have the people and processes in place to add real value and quality to a client’s product.

One area where Dyson Diecastings investment and experience can add real value to a customers production line is the supply of components that are ‘integration ready.’ It is very unusual for clients to simply order a cast component.

The requirements of a customer vary greatly from preparing the casting for paint application to a very high standard, or supplying fully assembled components, with minimal processing by the customer.

Shot Blasting, Booth and Carousel

A USF Wheelabrator shot blasting machine has recently been installed, to replace the traditional manual deburring operations.


Die castings provide integral fastening elements, such as bosses and studs. Holes can be cored and made to tap drill sizes, or external threads can be cast.


Conventional high lustre polishing can produce appearances similar to chrome plating or stainless steel.


To aid paint adhesion, phosphate or chromate pre-treatments are often employed. Zinc alloys can be electrostatically painted.

Vibro Deburr

Vibratory Finishing is a process that works on a chemical-mechanical basis of finish surfaces.


Where requested we can assemble components to reduce the customers inventory.

Hand Finishing

We have a team of experienced hand finishers to deal with those awkward parting lines.


Components can be packed in standard boxes or in a special paletisation in readiness for subsequent automated assembly lines.