ZL27 Spec Chart


ZL27 is a high aluminium content zinc alloy that conforms to BS EN 1774 and is one of a family of versatile high grade zinc alloys.


ZL27 is a zinc alloy containing 27% aluminium. It has exceptionally high strength and excellent bearing properties. Originally this alloy was envisaged for use in the sand and gravity diecasting industries but, has subsequently found a niche market as a pressure diecasting alloy using cold chamber diecasting machines. ZL27 offers the extended tool life applicable to zinc alloys which, when combined with its higher strength and hardness makes the alloy an automatic choice when aluminium alloys are unable to meet the service conditions anticipated.

When designing a stressed component using ZL27 further reference should be made to the alloys properties, at elevated temperatures, after natural or artificial ageing and the alloys creep properties.