MA59 Alloy Spec Chart


MA59 is a high-pressure diecasting alloy which is widely used in automotive applications. This alloy has some excellent properties in its as-cast state, these include; high yield strength in conjunction with high ductility, energy absorption capacity and its fatigue strength is higher than conventional pressure die cast alloys.


Most applications of MA59 are within safety components with high performance requirements such as safety-belt pretensioners, suspension-strut brackets or chassis components.

While the properties of Magsimal 59 are dependent on it's wall thickness, a special heat treatment is used to compensate this difference and to enable either a high cast rigidity or high ductility. This heat treatment does not require water quenching, and the aging is performed below the blister formation temperature.

The alloy Magsimal-59 is produced on a primary metal basis and therefore has a high analytical purity. This produces it's outstanding mechanical strength and an excellent corrosion behavior.