LM6 Alloy Spec Chart


L M 6 can be used as a pressure diecasting alloy but is also suitable for both gravity and low pressure casting techniques. The alloy in this designation conforms to BS 1490 and similar alloy chemistries are used worldwide, see below for guidance.


LM 6 is a high purity alloy, which is used in castings where thinner more intricate sections are required. Particularly, complex castings with large surface areas. The alloy is of medium  strength with excellent ductility but suffers a rapid loss of properties at elevated service
temperatures. At around 2500 C the properties of this alloy become very poor.

This alloy possesses high corrosion resistance and excellent castability making it suitable for marine fittings, water manifolds and road transport applications. This corrosion resistance can be further enhanced by anodising, which may result in a variable grey to brown coloured film on the castings surface.

LM 6 is a high Silicon Aluminium alloy which can be rather difficult to machine. Alloys of this type tend to drag when machined, causing rapid tool wear and therefore carbide tools with large rake angles should be employed with adequate cutting fluids.

This alloy is particularly suitable for castings that are to be welded.

This alloy is similar to the following national specifications: