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Staff Safety

Putting people first

Looking after our people and the environment in which we operate is our number one priority

Integral to Dyson Diecastings’ business philosophy is the health and safety of the people we employ and the minimization of our operational impacts on the environment.

Dyson Diecastings have adopted a proactive approach to its overall commitment by integrating environment, health and safety into the core operating systems under a uniformed reporting structure.

The importance placed on Environment, Health and Safety requires Management at Senior Executive level to provide credible solutions that are accountable and robust, further demonstrating our commitment to the company’s welfare.

This strategy provides predetermined and predictable actions in advance of compliance issues and new legislation. The resulting benefits ensure minimal disruption to the workflow resulting in reduced impacts on bottom line profitability, making Alumasc more competitive in meeting client requirements.

A healthy workforce equals a healthy business

There is a correlation between the way a company looks after its workforce and business performance. Quality, delivery, corporate reputation and client confidence can all be affected by poor health and safety.

Dyson Diecastings believes that health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. From the top down to the bottom up, the company is constantly examining processes and procedures to minimize risk. For example, each production cell is examined as part of a controlled risk assessment program resulting in the issue of safety data sheets and improved procedures.


Potential employees engage in Health Surveillance with an initial questionnaire prior to employment, screened through the Local Health Authority. Ongoing Health & Safety procedures are measured by an independent Auditor using best practice standards against a cycle of Plan, Organise, Control, Monitor, Review. Risk Avoidance aimed at zero incidents is the objective focusing all our Health & Safety priorities as the Matrix chart indicates.

Task Action Plans

Third party recommendation, internal inspection and ongoing monitoring ensure that Health & Safety is given the highest priority in maintaining positive working conditions for our staff, contractors and visitors.