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Health & Safety

Leading the way reaching new standards

We are focused on the reduction of risk coupled with improved performance. To this end the company has completed a new occupational Health & Safety Management System with improved policies and operating instructions.

OHSAS 18001 is the accredited standard that sets out the requirements based on the established principles of PLAN, DO, CHECK and ACT.

To obtain OHSAS 18001 a company must identify and address the following points:

• Implementation of OH&S management programmes.
• Set structure and responsibility.
• Planning for hazards such as risk assessments.
• Emergency preparedness and reporting.
• Performance measuring and monitoring.
• Operational safety controls.
• Provide training, awareness to promote competence.
• Consultation and communication with employees.


All of the above elements are in place across the company, these are the basic requirements used to audit our legal compliance, brought together into an effective management system.

The benefit to the employees and customers alike is the reassurance that the company that they are relying on for either product or employment, is committed to a recognised standard in Health & Safety, that is accredited and supported to BSI.