Where Dyson Diecastings’ design experience and engineering capability combine to provide clients with unsurpassed service input, resulting in predictable outcomes based on tried and tested collaborative working.

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Working closely with the customer component design team, designs and geometry are modified to provide the most robust and repeatable casting and machining solutions.

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From the initial feasibility of a component through to the packaged product, we have the people and processes in place to add real value and quality to a client’s product.

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Die Casting

High Pressure Die Casting is ideal for the manufacture of high volume parts that require high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish with a minimum of machining.

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In House Tooling

Dyson Diecasting employs a dedicated toolmaking facility, giving us the added advantage of being able to respond quickly to client modifications and production issues.

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Design Optimisation

Our dedicated design teams work in close proximity to both the client’s design engineers and our manufacturing facilities.

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Welcome to Dyson Diecasting

Leading the way in Aluminium and Zinc High Pressure Die Casting. We believe that in order to meet and exceed customer demand you must appreciate and accommodate factors far broader than those made evident from a technical specification.

Energy costs, environmental considerations, transportation, long lead times and fluctuating raw material prices are just some of the issues that have to be taken into account in the delivery of a combination of quality and performance that will help our clients sustain their profit margins. Read more...